Tradition And Innovation

    • 1900: Founding of the company in Niederense

      With its high product quality and consistent commitment to the customer, the company has developed over the years into one of the leading providers in the field of fastening technology and metal working.

    • 1949: Significant extension of production capacities

    • 1976: Further extension of product range

    • 1986: Founding of HEICO France s.a.r.l., France

    • 1990: Opening of the Höingen factory with electroplating line

    • 1991: Participating interest in Fisco Fasteners Ltd., United Kingdom

    • 1993: Start of cold extrusion technology

    • 1995: Founding of HEICO Fasteners S.A., Spain

    • 1997: Founding of HEICO Fasteners Inc., USA

    • 1998: Extension of the factory in Höingen

      Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

    • 2001: Certification in accordance with ISO TS 16949

    • 2002: Founding HEICO Fasteners Co. Ltd., China
    • 2005: Investment and expansion into further multi-stage presses

    • 2008: Founding of HEICO Fasteners UK Ltd., United Kingdom
  • 2010: Start of production of HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Lock Washers

  • 2011: Founding of HEICO Schweiz AG, Switzerland

    Switch to renewable energies

  • 2012: Set up of a test lab for screw locking systems

  • 2013: Introduction of the HEICO-LOCK® Ring Lock Washers

    Founding of HEICO Italia S.r.l., I

    Founding of HEICO Poland Sp.z.o.o, PL

    Founding of OOO, RU

    Founding of HEICO CZECH, CZ

  • 2014: Start of production of

    HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Lock Nut and

    HEICO-LOCK® Wheel Nut

  • 2015: Awarded as TOP-100 Innovator 2015

    Foundation of HEICO Benelux B.V., NL

    Foundation of HEICO Türkiye, TR

  • 2016: Introduction of the HEICO-TEC® Tension Nut and
    HEICO-LOCK® HLK-Washers

    Founding of HEICO Sweden, SE

    Investment in inductiv hardening machines